The Leanaig Centre - Our Community Facility

The Leanaig Community Centre is housed within Ben Wyvis Primary School and is used by the various Clubs and Groups within the village.

The Community Council’s expectations for the new community wing have been dashed since the school requires to use it due to vast underestimation of the number of pupils taking school meals. Quite simply—the school dining area is far too small! The Highland Council has appointed Highlife Highland to manage the community facility. The Highland Council’s promise of a dedicated community wing has not materialised.

The Community Council is aware that the school needs additional space for eating lunches, but not at the expense of community usage. The Community Council, over the past few years, had been looking forward to holding a whole variety of events to benefit the community, but this is proving impossible at the moment.

THe Highland Council must address the immediate and long-term problems of the shortage of space within the community rooms. The recently constituted Leanaig Community Centre Association and its Supervisory Committee has been set up to deal with issues relating to the Leanaig Community Centre and with the support of the Community Council, the Supervisory Committee will continue to lobby The Highland Council until this matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned within the community.

Minutes of the meetings of the Leanaig Centre Advisory Group and the Supervisory Committee of the Leanaig Community Centre Association can be accessed through the following links:

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 2016-03           2016-04            2016-05            2016-06            2016-09

 2015-01           2015-02            2015-04            2015-06            2015-09

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If you are interested in learning more about the provision of community facilities in both Conon Bridge and Maryburgh, a consultant's report titled Maryburgh and Conon Bridge Community Facilities Needs Analysis and Outline Development Plan was produced in January 2011. Of particular interest is Section 4: Community Facilities - Current and Planned.

The article from the North Star dated 12 June 2014 gives a further insight into the situation as regards Ben Wyvis Primary School and the Leanaig Centre and community facilities.


Dog Fouling - Are You A Responsible Dog Owner?

This topic is on the agenda of nearly every Community Council meeting. We aim to adopt a Zero Tolerance policy with this issue and would welcome any suggestions you may have to eradicate this problem. A dog warden is employed by Highland Council but as with so many other services, this is a scarce resource covering a large area. We need more help from members of the community in being more vigilant and reporting incidences of dog fouling so that the dog owners who do not clear up after the event can be reported to the dog warden. We may even 'name and shame' those dog owners who are fined for failing to clear up after their dogs.

It is not just dog mess on footpaths and roads that concern us. Grass verges tend to be more commonly used as dog toilets, particularly beside the pedestrian route between Conon Bridge railway station and the car park beside Ferintosh Parish Church and the river walks. The playing field is used by many of our local youngsters but even this area is being used irresponsibly by dog owners, particularly those who allow their dogs to run free.

Dog mess is unsightly, very often unseen when walking and dangerous to children who may come into contact with it. Please be a responsible dog owner - clean up after your dog by bagging the waste and taking it home for disposal. It's the right thing to do. Waste bags are available from the Service Point in Ross House, Dingwall.

The Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 applies to any public open space and allows for the issue of a £40 fixed penalty notice to individuals who fail to clear up after their dog. From 01 April 2016, the fine was increased to £80. There is also the possibility of being 'named and shamed' in the press and in your community.











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