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Fibre Broadband in Conon Bridge

Thanks to the 13 residents of Braes of Conon who have contacted us with their concerns about broadband connectivity in that development. We are considering several options for taking this matter further and would like to hear from more of you who currently receive broadband from cabinet 12 at the roundabout.

If you have not already done so please send us an email with your name, address, postcode and landline telephone number. Our email address is cononcommunitycouncil@gmail.com. We'll then add your details to our database. Please also share this with any of your friends in the Braes of Conon development who might be interested.

If you live in Conon Bridge and are having to put up with unacceptably slow broadband speeds of between 1 and 3 mbps you may be interested to learn that Openreach is now accepting orders for fibre optic broadband connections from cabinet 8 near the roundabout. However, you will only be able to upgrade to a much faster fibre broadband connection if you have an order in place for this service with either your existing ISP (Internet Service Provider) or an alternative ISP, so if you haven't already placed an order and you want a faster broadband speed, you would be advised to place your order now. 

Orders are still being taken for fibre broadband connections from cabinet 7 at the War Memorial. If you want to check the availability of fibre broadband for your property, go to www.homeandwork.openreach.co.uk and enter your post code.


CO-OP Community Fund

Congratulations to Conon Bridge Girl Guides who have been successful with their application for funding from Conon Bridge's Co-op Community Fund. If you are not already a Co-op member, please register to become a member and use the 1% contribution from your shopping to support village organisations. 



We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been offered a grant of up to a maximum of £3,000 from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme for our Ladies Walk restoration project. This is all down to everyone who used their Tesco blue tokens in the Dingwall store during May and June to vote us into first place for the award, so a big thank you to you all from your Community Council. In the May 2017 issue of the Conon Craic we thanked Kenny Fraser and Simon Logan for all the hard work they had done with their chain saws to clear the bigger tree branches which were blocking the route. The next priority will be identifying and marking out specific trails and then cutting back the vegetation on these trails.

Our application for funding was based on a budget for the provision of personal protective equipment, tools and equipment for the works, repairs to small footbridges, the provision of information boards and trail marker posts and publicity and marketing leaflets. We would like to see more community involvement so if you have experience of using a brush cutter, can use a pair of loppers or would just like to get involved, please speak to any of the Community Councillors, send an email to cononcommunitycouncil@gmail.com or send us a message  through the Conon Bridge Community Council Facebook page.

Thanks once again for helping us meet our funding target.


LEADER funding



David Ogilvie, Inspector, Dingwall police station has requested that the following message is passed to community council members and residents:

“Current issues affecting our communities still include concerns regarding speeding vehicles and supported by our colleagues in the Road Policing Unit we continue to visit a number of locations to deter and detect offenders as well as working with partners in the Highland Council to find practical solutions for certain areas where possible.

Mentioned previously and still a problem are cold callers on telephones contacting people and scamming them out of significant sums of money simply by saying they work in a bank without the need to identify themselves further.  Some people can be too trusting and act on instructions given without question sending money to anonymous accounts. The message is simple but yet to be heeded by all, your bank will not cold call you and ask you to move money to a different bank account (sometimes even with a different bank!). If your bank needs to contact you to inform you of suspicious activity, they will do so using recognised methods and will not ask you to provide any personal details other than those already agreed with them to prove your identity before discussing your account - for example, the first and third number of your agreed security code (not the whole number) or your mother's maiden name etc.  It's your money - be suspicious! If you have any doubts about anyone cold calling, tell the person so and hang up to contact your bank through a recognised contact number.

Please encourage your communities to secure any valuable items around their properties and ensure their oil tankers are locked and if possible, get additional security measures in place around the property, for example, motion activated security lights, locks on tanks/outbuildings, lock house and vehicle doors as well as reporting any suspicious vehicular activity in or around remote or secluded properties.

We have a very low occurrence of these types of crimes but it is wise to take precautions.”

David Ogilvie, Inspector, Dingwall



Road Safety in Conon Bridge 

3rd March 2015 saw the installation of a long-awaited vehicle activated speed sign just before the turning to the rail station on Station Road on the approach to Conon Bridge from Muir of Ord.

An orange Smiley Face is triggered at speeds up to and including 30mph.


Failure to observe the maximum speed of 30mph permitted on this stretch of road results in a flashing red sign being triggered with your recorded speed.

This speed sign has been installed some 200 metres after the official 30mph zone starts and it is hoped that this will slow down those motorists who have persistently failed to observe and/or heed the previous 30mph speed sign.

If you believe that the recent community initiatives (in conjunction with Police Scotland) for monitoring traffic speed in Culbokie and Avoch should be tried on Station Road in Conon Bridge, please send an email to cononconsult@gmail.com with the subject heading 'Speed Monitoring' so that we can gauge the level of interest in this. For further details of the speed monitoring initiative, please follow the link to read an article from the North Star dated 02 June 2016. 


Black Isle Community Car Scheme (BICCS)

The Community Car Scheme is a car sharing scheme with volunteer drivers using their own cars to take scheme members to and from a destination of their choice within the Black Isle area.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver or wish to become a member of the scheme, further details can be accessed by clicking on the link




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