Highland Council approved a new Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils which came into force on 1st April 2011. The Scheme sets out the framework through which Community Councils are to operate and includes a suite of documents covering a Constitution, Standing Orders, a Code of Conduct for Community Councillors and Standard financial report formats and election documentation.

Community Councils were established as a result of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. They have statutory duties in terms of licensing and planning. However, they are essentially voluntary bodies established within a statutory framework. Community Councillors are elected by members of the community; they are not paid for their duties but volunteer their time for the benefit of the community. The Community Council is non-party political.

The key roles of Community Councils are:

To represent the views of the community to the Highland Council and other public bodies operating in their area.

To act to further the interests of their communities.

To be consulted on planning applications within their area and

To consider exercising their powers to object to the granting, renewal or transfer of liquor licences.



Conon Bridge and its Community Council is part of Highland Region Ward 08, Dingwall and Seaforth. The Ward Manager is Diane Agnew, telephone 01349 868477, email diane.agnew@highland.gov.uk

Names and contact details of the Community Councillors and the office bearers who appointed at the inaugural meeting on Wednesday 24 October 2018:

Chairperson - Fiona MacKintosh                   861663

Treasurer -   Hazel Bushell                           861247

Secretary -   John Bruce                              292762

The other Community Councillors are:

Alastair MacKintosh                                     861663

Janet Winchester                                         865308

Co-opted Member(s)

Val Wilkinson                          valxbridger@hotmail.com


The Community Council can co-opt a further member and any expressions of interest for this should be sent to the email address given below.  Co-opting members is an item which appears on the agenda of each meeting.

Our email address is cononcommunitycouncil@gmail.com

Alternatively, please complete the feedback form on the Contact Us page of this website and we'll get back to you.

Further details about Community Councils can be obtained from the Community Council webpage of The Highland Council website at www.highland.gov.uk. For a more generic view, go to the Links page of this website and click on the Community Councils link or speak to our Ward Manager, Diane Agnew on 01349 868477.


The Ward Members and Councillors for Dingwall and Seaforth Ward 08 and their contact details are as follows

Graham Mackenzie - Tel - 07557 566541




Alister MacKinnon - Tel - 07557 566545




Angela MacLean - Tel - 07825 116505




Margaret Paterson - Tel - 07788 918537



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