Community Council Meetings

There will be no Community Council Meetings in person until further notice, due to the current Corona Virus pandemic.  The Community Council will hold virtual meetings using Teams and will continue to meet in this way for the foreseeable future.  Anyone resident in the catchment area for Conon Bridge Community Council who would like to take part in any future online meetings should send an email advising this and a link will be sent to them.

Next meeting will be on Wednesday 19 January, 2022.




If you wish to make your views known on specific items of concern within our community, please address these in the first instance to cononcommunitycouncil@gmail.com

Conon Bridge residents are encouraged to attend Community Council meetings and will be made most welcome.




Follow these links to read the Minutes of previous CBCC meetings.


2021-09-22.pdf       2021-08-18.pdf

2021-06-17.pdf       2021-03-24.pdf       2021-02-04.pdf        

2020-10-20.pdf       2020-09-01.pdf        2020-03-04.pdf

2020-01-22.pdf       2019-12-04.pdf        2018-11-14.pdf

2018-03-21.pdf       2018-02-07.pdf        2017-11-15.pdf


AGM Minutes

AGM 2019         

Minutes of previous meetings are held on file and can be requested by contacting us.








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